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Our school started its first regular Bilingual History Class this year. After dealing with Roman Britain in some detail, we went on to investigate medieval England, starting with the famous Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest.

Looking back on the eventful year of 1066, the class compiled a newspaper which contains, for example, interviews with the three contestants for the British crown (William of Normandy, Harold Godwinson and Harald Hardrada), articles describing their background, commentaries reflecting people’s personal attitudes as well as 11th-century “advertisements”, crossword-puzzles, weather reports and obituaries.

The Bilingual History Class worked in groups of four to five people, each group dividing up the different tasks among the participants and coming up with a surprising variety of products, which were then collected and arranged for “publication”. Each student received a copy of the finished newspaper.

[Lz, 11/2013]

E1 Bilingual History Class 2013

E1-History-Kurs präsentiert “The Hastings Observer” sowie eine Reproduktion des berühmten Wandteppichs von Bayeux, auf dem die Schlacht von Hastings in aufwändigen Stickereien nachgestellt wurde (zur Verfügung gestellt von Nils Eckert)

Die Kursteilnehmer:
Sarah Baumanns, Alexa Bleibdrey, Lena Bott, Noor Butt, Fabian Düsterdiek, Nils Eckert, Imane El Magraui, Clara Gehrunger, Nibedita Islam, Louis Konstantis, Kristina Maximenko, Maximilian Moraga, Benedikt Ortwein, Alexandra Raab, Aleksandra Radan, Sabrina Richter, Tristan Richter, Marius Ritz, Lisa Römer, Oumayma Sharifidrisi, Rishi Siva, Jelena Srebro, Thi Thu Ha Vu, Ruben Wichmann

Kursleitung: Frau Dr. Lorenz