A Christmas Carol

On Wednesday, 26th November, the Q3 English LK from Mrs. Lorenz went to Rüsselsheim to watch the American Drama Group perform Charles Dickens’ famous ‘A Christmas Carol’.

To prepare ourselves a little before going to see the play, we spent time learning about the content of this theatrical piece but also read some general information about the great author himself, Charles Dickens.

Packed with excitement and a few expectations we arrived at the theatre. Inside we found ourselves amongst many other pupils some of whom were much younger than us. Nevertheless we couldn’t wait for the play to begin and took our seats.

Christmas-Carol 2012 - klein

The play was filled with humour and plenty of emotions.  Thankfully it was very similar to how we expected it to turn out. However we did not take in account that the performance would include so many songs. The small group of actors did a wonderful job involving the young audience.

At the end of the piece we, the audience, were reminded to appreciate all and asked to wish the people sitting around us happy holidays and with that: the English LK (the best class ever) wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Sadaf Tariq [Q3 – 12/2014]

christmas carol

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