Albert-Schweitzer-Schule (ASS) is a modern High School (“Gymnasium”) with a 150-year-old tradition.

The basic idea of our school philosophy is to ensure each student’s right to education. Therefore we feel bound to promote the individual student’s academic success. We consider our students’ individual and cultural diversity a valuable resource, and we attempt to reach integration by recognition of personalities and achievements. Social education based upon responsibility, mutual respect and commitment is one of our central goals.

Starting with the academic year of 2014/15, our school has reintroduced the 9-year secondary school attendance system.

Years 5 and 6 are considered a close unity which facilitates the students’ transition from elementary to secondary school. Proceeding from the concept “arrival – orientation – takeoff”, we will determine each student’s individual level of performance and provide specific support where needed. In years 7 to 13 there will also be offered compensation classes for students with individual shortcomings, as well as special courses for talented students. Furthermore, our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities and electives such as drama, school band, participation in science competitions and a lot more.

ASS is an international school as well as a UNESCO school within the worldwide UNESCO network. Our project weeks are always connected with distinctive UNESCO themes; we maintain various school partnerships and organize international events.

In order to facilitate our students’ communication skills, we place special emphasis on foreign language acquisition. Thus, in addition to foreign languages (English, French, Spanish) we offer special bilingual classes (subjects such as Biology, Geography and History being taught in English) with the option to take a bilingual Abitur-exam in History. Student exchange programs with schools in France, Spain and Italy further promote international contacts. All modern languages can be chosen as advanced-level courses (Leistungskurse) in grades 11-13.

ASS being a UNSECO school sets great store by sustainable development. In that context our school has been awarded the title “MINT-affiliated school” with Mathematics, IT subjects, Natural Sciences and Technology playing prominent roles.

The science departments at our school are very well equipped, and thus we can offer special science classes in grades 5 to 9 with frequent experimental sessions. In addition, we offer IT continuously from grades 5 to 13. On top of that, we cooperate closely with external partners in science and industry. Our students have been successful in various science competitions.

Sport forms the third pillar of our school profile. ASS is “partner of competitive sports” as well as “center of school sports”. There is a special sports class for talented students in which school sports and extracurricular practice may be successfully merged. Upper-level students may choose sports as an advanced-level class (Leistungskurs). There is ample cooperation with local sports clubs including fencing practice. Our school teams participate in the program “Young Athletes train for the Olympics” and have successfully competed at a national level.

These pillars are further supported by ASS being a full-time school including reliable day-care between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. A hot lunchtime meal is offered at the cafeteria and students can choose various leisure activities during their midday break. We also offer qualified homework supervision by teachers and upper-level students.

We offer

  • English as first foreign language
  • French, Latin or Spanish as second foreign language
  • bilingual classes in Biology, History, Geography ( in English)
  • various electives including Physics and Information Technology
  • a wide range of extracurricular activities including Drama, Choir, Orchestra, Multimedia and various sports
  • inauguration events for new fifth-grade students
  • homework supervision
  • remedial courses in German and Maths
  • student buddies (grade 9) for orientation and assistance
  • road safety training in cooperation with ADAC
  • social behavior training
  • working skills and techniques
  • field trips
  • ski and snowboard courses in grade 8
  • a well-equipped library with internet access
  • cafeteria and dining hall
  • student-exchange programs with France, Spain, Italy and Poland
  • participation in projects and competitions (reading, foreign-language skills, scientific research, “Jugend trainiert für Olympia”)
  • for our senior students (grades 10-12): a wide choice of basic and advanced courses qualifying them for the final school-leaving examination  (Abitur); our first bilingual Abitur exam in History will be offered in 2016
  • some upper-level subjects are offered in cooperation with other Offenbach Secondary Schools (advanced courses in Art, Music and Sports)

We are

(Transl.: U. Lorenz / B. Carmichael)